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    After Effects Proccesing


      Hello users of the adobe forums, I'm looking for someone to confirm a concern that I have about my system's compatibility with after effects and running high maintenance projects in after effect.

      I run all my after effects projects on a laptop (specs below)

      Manufacturer: Dell

      Model: Inspiron N7010

      Processor: Intel Core i3

      Ram: 8gb

      System type: 64 bit Operating System

      Now I make tutorials for after effects and mainly when I record them the processing goes slow just for an example my most recent tutorial that I'm working

      Also this occurs while I'm working on compositing and varois other effects without recording.



      I'm trying to make part 2  but everytime I try the processing of after effects become to slow then I get really frustrated.

      Now i do belive this is happying becuase I need a i7 proccesor for after effects to run soomly with compositing effects and footage.

      So if anybody have any tips or ideas for me I would really appreciate it.

      Ps. Upgrading to a differnt sytem at this time is not an opoin for me and me laptop can only use a i3 proccesor.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Any screen recording will slow down things and how much depends on resolution of the recorded area, the software used as well as which CoDecs it uses. E.g. in Camtasia using the old TSCC CoDec will be more performance friendly than directly recording to H.264 or FLV...



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            marian.ene Level 2

            also, I'm pretty sure you're using only one HDD, I've only seend a handfull of laptops with more than 1 drive. And everything is done on that sigle drive - PS, AE, video recording, cache, page file, etc. This also affects performance severely. You could try setting the recording disk to a USB drive, or even a FireWire if your laptop has a port, usually screen recording apps use low bitrate codecs so the low speed of the drive shouldn't be much of a bottleneck