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    How to design a "white" background in "black and white" ad on pink newsprint?


      Long-time Indesigner here, but I have never had this dilemma before. Am designing a "black and white" newpaper ad for a major paper that has a pink section, i.e. it prints on pink newsprint. So I know this is black ink only, hence the "black and white"...but when the "white of regular newsprint is pink, I am getting stumped. I see in their rate card ads with a white background and black ink on top of the pink newsprint, which is what I want to do. The ad has facial tones of a major recording artist, and I do not want the highlights of her face going pink. So how to I ad a "white" layer underneath this ad? Deadline is now, so please reply ASAP. I have inquiries into the paper but it is the weekend and nobody is getting back to me.