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    TOC in merged slave project does not find the page, but Search does

      I have a slave CHM file, where the TOC is non-binary. This is merged into a master project, which also has a TOC that is non-binary. When I view the merged project, just from RoboHelp, the TOC includes the slave embedded properly in the master TOC. However, clicking on a TOC in the slave products "The page cannot be displayed". If I go to the Search tab and enter something to search on that will bring up a topic in the slave project, then select that topic, the topic's page is displayed properly, and if I click back to the Contents tab, the TOC has sync-ed properly, but still, if I click again on the same topic on the Contents tab, I get "The page cannot be displayed" again. It seems that the TOC is not decoding paths properly. Any ideas?
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          I haven't encountered your exact issue, but I have experienced issues with full paths interfering with a merged project. The first thing that I would do is find out what the TOC is pointing to. You can find out by right-clicking on the topic in the TOC and then selecting "Jump To URL." Check the path reported in the Current URL option. If it is pointing to the wrong path, the first thing that I would check for is the [Merged Files] section of the HHP file associated with the master project. This section should have a listing of all of the slave CHMs that will be merged into your project. Make sure that this section is simply a listing of file names.
          If you see a full path in this section, then you should eliminate everything except for the file name. You should also check this section before and after you build the master project. RoboHelp tends to reapply the full path every so often.
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            Merged project pages are listed in the TOC but will not display when selected? But a Search for these ‘missing’ pages returns viewable results? You have a minor problem with your TOC settings. Follow the procedure below to solve it:
            1. Open the master project that references the external .chm files.
            2. Click the Project tab.
            3. Open the Single Source Layout folder.
            4. Right-click Microsoft HTML Help (Primary Layout) and select Properties.
            5. Click the Advanced button.
            6. Select the TOC Styles tab.
            7. Alongside the Default Window section click the drop down and select <Default>.
            8. Ensure that any previously generated .chm files are deleted using Windows Explorer before regenerating your Primary Layout.
            Open and delete the files from the directory specified in the Select Output Folder and File Name text box in the Properties window attached to the Microsoft HTML Help (Primary Layout) (see above).
            9. Generate your Primary Layout.
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              P Krishna
              Hi Duncan,
              You reply to the merged help files TOC issue last year has helped me now. I was wondering why certain files are not displaying TOC properly. After searching through various threads your reply solved the TOC issue I was having. Thanks lot for your help.

              With thanks and regards,