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    Fix for Sony Z2 users with Elements Premiere


      I have a new Sony Z2 series laptop and just purchased Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 10.  They both installed fine and run with no problems.  BUT...if you use the Sony Power Media Dock (PMD) which comes with the Z2 laptop and is used to hook up 3 additional monitors, you will encounter a Windows error message when trying to open a project in Premiere Elements.  The error message is generic and says Premiere has encountered an error and will then close.  I called Adobe tech support, but after holding for over an hour, I hung up. 


      Upon doing further research, I found that Sony has released a new video (GPU) driver *unofficially* and is only available for download from the German website via a direct link.  I found this info at NotebookReview.com in their Sony forum.  I'm providing a link directly to the thread which includes the new driver download link:


      Click here to view the thread and download link


      After installing this new driver, Premiere works perfectly.  Hope this can help out others and hope Adobe will add this to their knowledge base.  The Sony Z2 series is a relatively new model, so I'm suspecting this issue to come up more in the future.