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    Properties shell for 64-bit version?




      I am currently running Adobe Reader X for 64-bit on Windows 7 64-bit but it the PDF metadata that used to show is in Explorer is not showing (title, author, keywords, etc.). I read on another forum that this is caused by the fact that pdfshell.dll is still a 32-bit version even though the product states that it is for 64-bit systems. I really need these properties to show. Is Adobe going to update this anytime soon?

      If not, can you please tell me about a reasonable alternative that I do not have to pay for? I want the information to show like it did on XP in where you could right click on it and then select properties and all of them would be there. But I think, because Windows 7 and Vista support it, could the information also show in column view and at the bottom by the properties bar.

      Could someone please help asap?


      Thanks in advance,