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    Trying to slow down 24p footage...

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have some 24p footage I shot with a DSLR camera.  Everything looks fine in a 23.976 progressive timeline except for two panning shots I would love to slow down.  Is this possible without 3rd party software?  70% is ideal but if there's a trick to another speed I'd be happy to settle for anything other than full speed.  I'm using CS5 (with the latest updates, but not 5.5).  I also have AE but before I waste anymore time I'd like to know if this is even possible with progressive footage (again, without expensive 3rd party software, unless there's a decent inexpensive sofware).


      Otherwise I'l give up and leave it at 100% as I intended when I shot it.





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Yeah, there are several way to slow down footage in Pr. You can just right-click on the clip, select Speed/Duration, and punch in your values there. I'd recommend right-clicking again and turning on Frame Blending. Time Remapping would be another option, which will let you ramp the shot if you wanted, but otherwise will give you the same results.


          AE would do this a bit better, since it can do speed changes/time remapping with Pixel Motion instead of just blended frames. This will actually interpolate new frames between existing frames, instead of just mixing the two together.


          Side note: we shoot 1080p30 often with a DSLR, and then simply interpret the footage as 24p. Looks great, because you've got discrete frames you're dealing with. Of course, you have to actually be planning to do this

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            Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

            I'll try AE right now.  Using the frame blend within PPro i got very obvious "bleding" ghost-like images even at 70%.  I didn't think I was panning that fast but it must be just fast enough.  I never knew about the 1080p30 before. Thanks for the idea!

            I'll let you know what I find with AE.

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              Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

              Well I've given up on the slow motion because of the ghosting when using the frameblend.  I'm guessing I'm just moving the camera too quickly.  I've also realized there is a lot for me to learn with this progressive stuff.  I've usually just done the 60i but recently started using 24p (or is it pa??).  I think I've got a lot of reading up and trial and error ahead of me.  I'm using both panasonic avchd and canon t2is, which I've read have different 24p/pa settings...  My head hurts just thinking about this...


              Thank you though, I'm guessing I'll get back in touch with you concerning shooting 1080p30 for some future projects.