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    On a PDF form, Save acts as if Save-As

    Leaf Mold Level 1

      Windows XP SP3

      Adobe Reader


      I have started to fill out my U.S. federal tax forms for this year, just the names and address and a few checkboxes.  These are savable PDF files that I downloaded and saved from the IRS Web site.  I am doing this offline, in Adobe Reader not in my Web browser


      When I go to save the result, I get a Save As file-selection window.  I get this either by selecting the Save button on the toolbar or [File > Save] on the menubar.  I am not selecting [File > Save As] on the menubar.


      Selecting Save (not Save As) should save the file back into the same file that was openned.  I should not get a Save As file-selection window.


      Is this intentional, or is this a bug? 


      By the way, how can I submit a bug report on this?  I went to Adobe's Bugbase, but the pull-down list of products did not include Adobe Reader.