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    A newbie needs help


      Hi everybody !

      I have just finished a word puzzle using Flash8.It works ok , but I wanted to add a sequence at the end congratulating the user after succeeding to solve the puzzle , something like : " Congratulations , you've won" , but I didn't succeeed to do that .

      I need somebody to give me a hand on what script I should write .

      Thanks a lot.

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          prodigalmaster Level 2

          A possible solution:


          Create a movieclip and give it an instance name of mcWin.

          Inside the movieclip, on frame 1 make it blank, and add stop(); to the actionscript of frame 1.

          Then on frame 2 add the text you want, eg Congratulations! and put: stop(); in the actions of that frame.


          Then, on the main timeline when the puzzle is finished.. (you must give an output, we dont have the code you do so its impossible for us to tell). type something like:


          //this makes the movieclip go to the second frame, with the congratulations text.



          If you want, you can make the text fade out with a motion tween but would havr to tweak the code  little.