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    Robohelp crashes when moving folders


      The problem:

      • RH9 has started to crash after i move about the 2nd folder of topics. it can be 1 or more topics in the folder and it still crashes.
      • Upon restart the old location contains the original topics but with broken links; the new location contains just the moved and empty folder.
      • In Windows (on disk) the new location contains the correct files, but requires me to "import" the files or use "tools-->resolve broken links" to fix
      • random folders have been removed from RH9 - but exist on disk


      Steps taken:

      1. uninstalled RH7, RH8 & RH9 completely (as RH9 has no "repair" feature which is disheartenting)
      2. Re-installed RH9
      3. Updated to latest version available on Adobe's site
      4. Running correct Service Pack



      • Is there a Preferences file I could trash and replace?
      • Has anyone else had this problem?
      • Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance.