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    WMV Rendering problems happened out of nowhere


      I've had no problems with AE before. I'm using a photo slideshow template with some nice transitions and effects. Worked just fine when I exported it to WMV for months. In fact I've rendered the same eact file several times. However I wanted to make one final picture change and now all of a sudden when I render it to WMV, the footage is slow, choppy and very distorted. I tried rendering it to Quicktime and it seemed to work. So did H.264 but it was low quality.


      I even opened up other AE projects and they all now render choppy, distorted video when output to WMV (it never did that before!). Not sure what happened because I didn't change anything in the settings at all. I've even tried uninstalling and re-installing, and it still renders out the same slow, choppy, distored video for WMV. I'm at a complete loss!


      Please help