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    How can I change the flow of threaded text?

    lindy ritter

      Hi I have a 90 page Indesign 5.5 document in which the text is threaded.

      I need to move several pages to another part of the document.

      When I move the pages with the pages pallet, the threads go all over the place.

      How do I either re direct the thread so it runs in the order I want them to, or break the threads and

      re thread them once move is complete?


      I would be grateful to anyone who could assist, as I seem to be going in circles trying to remedy this problem.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          What do you mean by break the thread? You can break the link between threaded frames by clciking on either the inport or the outport of a frame, then clicking inside that frame, but all of the text inthe the thread will remain with the "upstream" section of the broken thread and any text that was in the downstream section will become overset. You can then insert a new page, pick up that overset text and thread throughthe new page and back into the old section, which remains threaded together.


          If you want to actually break the story apart into separate threads, you need to brboth break the thread and cut the overset from the original portion and paste into the empty section. This has been scripted by Dave Saunders for your convenience, or you can do it manually. You'll find Dave's script at http://jsid.blogspot.com/2005_08_01_archive.html


          If you eancounter errors when running the script, move it into a subfolder named "Version 4.0 Scripts" (without the quotes) and it should run,I think. For instruction on how to install scripts, see How to install scripts in InDesign | InDesignSecrets