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    loading external swf via XML


      I like to call external swf via XML, someone can tell me how?

      how can I do to call them and load him into a attachMovie?


      please help me..

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Chances are someone already has taken the time to tell you how, you just need to find out where - trying searching Google using search terms like "AS2 XML tutorial".  Post again if you have a specific problem you need help resolving and include the code that is giving you a problem.


          attachMovie is a library-related loading function, not an external file, so you might need to explain more about your intentions of loading an external swf and how it relates to loading a library object.

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            armandix Level 1

            So what I'm thinking of doing is through the main draw for swf another swf xml attribute.

            This loaded swf will be introduced within an attachMovie.

            Every time I load a new swf external, will within that attachMovie