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    Digital Editions 1.7 : not able to install, 1.8 does not allow to authorize for multiple IDs ?




      I just created an Adobe membership account in order to be able to install Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 on my Mac. When clicking on the install button on your website, I get error message "safari can't open the page "http://%25%7benv:www.adobe.com%7D/special/errorpages/404.html" because the page address is invalid.


      We have purchased a number of e-Books some time ago, and based on the information I could find I should be able to authorise more than 1 computer in my family to read these books.


      So, after some looking around, I found the possibility to download a preview of Adobe Digital Editions 1.8, and I authorised it with my newly created Adobe membership account. Next I also want to authorise my computer for the account of my Partner, but the menu option for "Authorise computer" is grayed out.


      Please advise


      (note : my system is identical to that of my partner, and she has been running Adobe Digital Editions for some time without problems … so it can't be a system problem on my end of the connection)


      Thank you


      Philip Planchenault