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    Can  i build simple encoder like gzip,- png-, jpeg- or bmp-encoder?

    Jens Eckervogt Level 1

      Hello dear people,


      can i ask about unknown photo- or texture-type?


      TGA File will show into flash-player?


      I know any encoders...


      Example: Encoders:

      For jpeg, png encoder:



      For gzip or zip encoder:

      http://code.google.com/p/ascompress/source/browse/trunk/src/com/probertson/utils/GZIPEncod er.as?r=9


      any suggestions encoder for unknown file types?

      If you like openning or viewing file like this OpenOffice Writer like PDF Viewer?


      Can i build tga Encoder for tga, tif and psd file types?


      How do i know hex or binary from current file type?`

      I know becasue encoder for compress like gzip.works nice.

      How do i multi file tree when one or  more files were compressed. But i have been found - same site is down



      Why do we need "Encoder" for flash player?

      Do you think because encoder supports complety?