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    I installed Reader X and now a savable form will no longer work

    Jay Jorczak

      I bought a medical claim form (CMS-1500) that allowed me to save patient information in it and save that basic information so when I enter another claim, I have most of the form pre filled out. Once I installed X, the form no longer allows me to save. Also, previous client forms I saved do not show the information in the individual fields or print them, but the strange thing is when I click on a specific field, that information pops in. But when I click on another field, the previous one disappears and the new field appears. Nonoe of the info. prints and it only allows me to save as a blank form now. This works the same if I open the file in X or 9 (Mac version) (It worked great for the previous 6 months on 9 before I installed X). I did commuincate with the form provider and they can't figure out what is going on either. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can recover this information or these files?