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    AI/PDF/... -> SWF with *original* images?


      Using Xara, I have created a vector illustration. However, when exporting it to SWF, Xara re-rasterizes all images to a common resolution.


      I do not want that!


      I want to have the images untouched, because later I want to zoom in on them (in Prezi). I can however, export from Xara to PDF or AI without having the images re-rasterized. This makes me wonder:


      Is there any way (software) to convert a vector illustration (PDF, AI, ...) into SWF and leave the embedded images at their original resolution and quality?


      By the way, I do know that it is possible to import PDF into Prezi, and then - I presume - Prezi converts it to SWF. However, for various reasons, I don't want to use this option.