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    hh.exe broken?

      Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question but hopefully...

      I have a computer in our network that was used by an employee who liked to make "changes" to the way his system runs.. He optimized it for what he was doing with it, but now that he is gone there is a lingering issue I am having with .chm files.

      We use Solid Edge for CAD and is has a really useful set of tutorials in .chm format. With a "normal" installation of the program, the tutorials will have a navigation pane at the top of the html help window. The problem with the suspect workstation is that it displays the contents, but not the navigation controls and therefore can not get to any other pages of instructions. I have tried replacing the hh.exe file, checked against all kinds of services and processes that are either enabled or disabled and generally browsed around trying to find some difference that might suggest a fix..

      I am not a ROBOHelp user, but the .chm file had a link to www.ehelp.com and that led me here..

      I can't wipe and reinstall at this point, or I would have done that already..

      Is anyone aware of something that could cause this problem??

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I wonder whether the HTML Help Diagnostics tool found at this link may throw up some missing component.
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            While it could be a missing help component, I suspect that it may be a missing browse sequence. The comment on the "navigation pane at the top" sounds like a 'browse sequence.' Since your help file had a link to eHelp, it was created a long time ago. Browse sequences are a RoboHelp specific addition to .chm files. For them to be active a RoboHelp supplied DLL - HHActiveX.dll - must be installed and registered. I would think that the SolidEdge installation program would have done this but it is worth searching for that file.

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              climbr Level 1
              Thank you both for the replies..!!

              I was able to find the hhactivex.dll installed on the non-working PC and after re-registering it, it is working again..

              Thanks again for helping to save what hair I have left..!