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    Flash will not install


      I have been trying to install adobe flash. First instructions were to uninstall and previous versions. I did that and now Flash will not install. It says that gplay is interfering and can not down load. I dont even know what gplay is, were do I find it, what does it do, and how do I make it go away to get Flash.

      I have been working on this for a month. I downloaded Chrome and that is working fine because it has Flash with it, but I deleted flash from my computer and AOL is my internet provider and I cant play videos and such from my mail.

      Help, I am so frustrated.


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          Gautham K Level 4



          Which operating system is your computer running on?


          If you are using Windows, got to the Task Manager and click on the Processes tab.


          Then click on "Show Processes from all users".


          In the list of processes, look for "gplay.exe". Select it and click on End Process.


          Try downloading and installing Flash Player after that.