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    Fireworks events with CSXS 2.0

    SubPixelPerfect Level 1

      How to register listeners for fireworks events within CSXS 2.0 environment


      this method (described here: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/fireworks/articles/fw_events_as3.html):


      ExternalInterface.addCallback('IsFwCallbackInstalled', onFwCallbacksCheck);

      that worked with old SDK, when panels was placed in

      ...\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS5\Configuration\Command Panels\


      don't work if I'm putting my panel to the

      ...\Common Files\Adobe\CS5ServiceManager\extensions\



      I haven't managed to find any documentation about that

      all I founded is about creative suite 4.0 or earlier versions


      could you please explain how to handle fireworks events with CREATIVE SUITE 5.5 SDK