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    Saving as pdf with pages in correct order.


      my magazine is 40 pages, i want to perfect bound this . so obviously i will be only printing 36 pages as a magazine, Then the other 4 pages will be the front/back cover to be attached afterwards.

      when i print in indeisgn for perfect bound to my printer, indesign re-arranges the pages in the correct oder so when i fold them they match up.

      e.g (4,1 / 2,3 / 8,5 / 6,7 ect) and when its folded up it reads ( 1 / 2,3/ 4,5 / 6,7 / 8 ect)

      but since im not using my printer i need the magazine to be printed from a PDF file.

      when i save as a pdf it just saves in order (1-36) so when it goes to print its not in the correct order that my magazine needs to be.

      could anyone tell me how i can save this in the correct order for perfect bound as a pdf.

      if i cant do it so simply could anyone tell me the easiest way to get these pages in the correct order.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          When you send out for commercial printing, that's what you want -- an unimposed PDF consisting of the individual pages. It's the Printer's job to impose them for his equipment, especially for perfect binding which requires a grind-off at the spine.


          Most likely the cover (which will need a spine panel) is going to be printed separately on differnt stock, and should probably be prepared as a separate file, but check with the printer.

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            Stix Hart Level 5

            If you do really have to re arrange the pages yourself you can use the Page Range box in the PDF export dialog.  Just type in there the order that you want the pages to be in.


            I will enthusiastically second what Peter said though, if you are sending this off to a printer (not the box in your office) then let them do this part of it.

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