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    SharePoint 3.0 Authentication from mobiles!




      The goal: How to call a SharePoint web services running on Windows Server (+NTLM authentication) from a mobile application (Flex+AIR)??


      The problem: While debuggin on Windows, AIR displays a native Windows security window in order to log in. So, you can call SharePoint web services without problems (from Windows desktop AIR based apps). But... if you try the same code on a mobile device (Android in my case), AIR works in a different way. As there is not a native logon window, AIR can call SharePoint web services due security issues.


      Well, I've fount his nice post:




      It claims there is a solution: Using a Security SOAP header. Maybe it worked many years ago, but it does not works at the present.


      Basically, the header is an XML message built by following a sctructure defined by the OASIS group. It also encrypts the pasword by following the recommendations:. Base64(SHA1(nonce+username+password)).



      Why does it not work? maybe, Microsoft changed the required structure of the Security SOAP header or...? I've tried to find some information about it but without success. There is a lot of examples provided by Microsoft using C#, VB and so on about how to authenticate by using some classes provided by the MS frameworks.TThough they don't provide visibility about the required soap header (if any).


      Please, is there a way to call SharePoint 3.0 web services with NTLM authentication from a mobile by using Flex? Has someone achieved it?


      Thank you in advance.