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    Paste image into existing layer?

    Rob Ainscough Level 2

      I'm working with CS5 animation and need to paste an image into an existing Layer NOT into a new layer.


      I've googled my question and all the answers have been "merge the layers" ... sadly if I do that it will screw up all my animation sequence/durations as it gets reset as a "new layer".


      I've tried selecting all on the existing layer and using "Paste Into" but that creates a new layer also?


      Like I've eluded to earlier, the reason why I want to keep the existing layer is because I've got a long sequence of layer animation ... if I do a new layer I'd have to adjust all the visibility durations for every layer which is going to be VERY time consuming.


      I was thinkg that pasting into an existing layer would be a simple task, so I hope I'm just missing something very obvious/basic?


      Thanks, Rob.