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    Solution to Developing Inonveniences

    Thistledowne Level 1
      Question for the engineers...

      While not a huge inconvenience, I find myself holding off the AIR portion of my development using ActionScript in Flash CS3 simply because it is so much more inconvenient than to not do so. I'd like to lodge a request to make two changes/upgrades to the way AIR is developed from the the Flash CS3 interface (I don't know about other interfaces).

      The first is to make it possible to clear the Compiler Errors automatically each time an movie is 'tested'. I'm certain that if I understood things better I would already know why this is done when one tests a movie using the default profile but is not done so when using the Adobe AIR 1.0 profile (if this is even the distinction). Could this be added as an option, or just changed?

      The second is that testing a movie that still has the window open from a previous test will go ahead and spend the time running it through the compiler, but once it gets done, it will not close the open window (or better, replace it's contents) and one must explicitly close the test movie window and run the process again. That's generally annoying especially when the old test movie (what would be the proper term for this?) is under another window and there's no indication why the test movie didn't 'pop-up' like it normally does once compilation is complete. It's time consuming because compiling/exporting is time consuming and needs to be done again. I also find it very inconvenient that each time the process is done the window position is reset. If I have my 4-head system setup to develop flash I usually have the test movie positioned on it's own monitor so I can refer back and forth between it and the developer interface. I have to move the window each time as there is no way to preserve it between runs.

      I realize that Flash is literally launching the compiled/exported movie in a separate program (or I think I do), but is there a way to add communication between them so that in testing the instance and it's window-position may be reused and when launched/relaunched, the testing window is force-given focus?

      Even if it's not possible to do either the compiler errors or the window reuse things, might I be told the reasons why or why not so I understand things better (I realize this is a rather larger request).

      Thank you