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    PDF 'File Save' problem in Firefox


      Using Firefox browser, when I select a PDF file that opens in a new window [rather than a new tab], save it and close the window, the AcroRD32.exe process is not stopped.  If I then open another PDF file in a similar manner, it can not be saved.  Each time you close a PDF window, you have to go to Task Manager and stop the AcroRD32 process before being abl;e to save a subsequent document.  This does not happen with IE.


      Using Reader 10.1.1 and Firefox 8 on a Windows Vista32 system.

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          Same bug i see in Opera browser. PDFs doesn't saves without stopping AcroRd32 process. And save dialogue doesn't appears when clicking links (even if web browsing function deactivated in adobe reader settings)...


          Apart from this File Save problem, there is more strange things while browsing PDF online, like "blinks", hangs, image dissapear, suddenly lags without any reason, browser crashing and more...


          So, because adobe reader prevents to download PDFs, and because it works very buggy with online browsing, especially if website uses adobe flash to show PDFs, the only right solution i found is uninstalling adobe reader. After that File Save problem was gone!

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            Herman_Monster Level 1

            Ok, after reinstalling adobe reader File Save problem doesn't appears. Online browsing works, so-so, buggy (hangs sometimes), but works...

            But i still don't understand, WHY internet/web-browsing settings in adobe reader does nothing, and how to enable only File Save dialog instead of online browsing function...

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              In another thread on this problem, a user suggested this workaround: Click the print button and then cancel the print. Then click the save button.  Works reliably.


              After trying to work on this for an hour saving bank statement April 15, this solution worked.  But I also purchased and tried to use Adobe's online converter to word or excel as a work around.  no joy there!  The account activation code is buggy on their server.  It is unconscionsable to offer a product for sale that one cannot use.

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                RFEiring Level 1

                David: Thanks I tried this and it works.  Would still be nice if someone at either Adobe or Mozilla could correct the primary cause so that the "Print" & "Cancel" steps could be eliminated, but this is a good temporary work around.  Thanks again!