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    firestore-fs100 import

    Trevor Hughes Level 1

      Hi, I am finding it a little hard to find a fast work flow to import and change clips name using a firestore-fs100.

      Ok so I got the file from the firestore and copy it to my hard drive, then in the Media Browser I scelect it and the mfx file's are showen. all is good.

      Then I chose what I want and import, the name changes in the project tab If I then change the name so I under stand what the cilp is about it will not be found when I open PP the next time. and it sucks. So I hope some one can please throw light on how I should import from a firestore and save the clips in a new name and they are linked when reopnning PP.

      been trying all day to figer it out and reading stuff with out any luck.


      Thanks for any help.


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          Trevor Hughes Level 1

          Hi Guys thans for reading, It now works have know idea why but I am chnging the file name in the Project tab and the file is being found when I re open and thats nice. why I wa shaving a problem don't know what have I done diffirently nothing  but it working.

          have a good day to you all