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    How do I create a simple drop down menu?




      I have little experience in flash, as I am teaching myself how to use it due to one of my teachers becoming ill and therefore leaving.


      I have to create an interactive product which will allow the user to navigate through the different pages of the flash presentation in any order which they wish. So far I have created 8 different scenes and have created buttons on each of these scenes which allow me to click to go onto the next scene. As well as this, I have also created buttons which allow me to go to the previous page to the current page which I am viewing. I have also created a button which will close the flash presentation when the user clicks on it.


      However, the drop down menu is really causing me some problems as I dont really understand flash or know much about using actionscripts etc, I'm just wondering if someone can help me create a simple drop down menu which will allow the user to click on any of the buttons to go to one of the 8 scenes. I have attempted to create a drop down menu using this tutorial: http://flashexplained.com/menus-interfaces/actionscript-drop-down-menu/


      I have followed that tutorial and therefore made the drop down menu so that it is a movie clip file in flash and it works, however I dont know how I make the buttons in the drop down menu link to other scenes of my flash presentation. i'm also really not too sure if I am creating the right type of drop down menu or if I am using the right guide to help me create the drop down menu.


      If anyone can give me some advice or maybe tell me how I can make this drop down menu link to the different scenes of my presentation I would really appreciate it