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    Frame Rate Drop




      I'm owner of a Canon XF100 and I work with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 on MacBook Pro (Lion OS). I'm shooting my videos in 1920x1024, 50Mo/s, 59.94i fps. In the media browser, I see my footage with the good properties but when I drag them in my sequence, the frame rate pass from 59.94 to 29.97. What I'm doing wrong? Check attached file.


      Thanks for your fast answer.



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          Long shot guess, but Im thinking it has to do with the difference between fields and frames. The upper right arrow points to  59.94I . "I" stands for interlace. There are 2 fields per frame in interlaced video. The lower left arrow points to 29.97 fps. That stands for frames per second. The frame rate is half the field rate hence the differing numbers. I dont think anything has changed. Just the yardstick measuring the data.

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            Your answer sounds intelligent. Thanks for helping the beginner videographer I am.  You're my new best friend .



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              Glad to help. Im really more editor then engineer, but certain things stick in my head.



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