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    Correct way to pass Variables to mysql!


      Ok so im trying to save data from me flash builder to mysql database!


      I have the database, i created the php file to handle the call and i tested it in flash builder and it all works with all variables getting added to the database


      When i send a long list of variables to the database from flash builder it says one variable was expexted


      So i created a ValueObject called VOClients instantiated the object and set all the values within it


      I then call the php Script with the ValueObject and i get no errors


      i have traced all  variables with in the object and all variables are set correctly


      But when i look in the data base only the first two variables get added and the rest are NULL


      Talk about do my head in lol  and the funny thing is i know im doing something stupid


      any advise



      import valueObjects.VOClients;
                  protected function addNewUser():void
                      var ClientData:VOClients = new VOClients();
                      ClientData.ClientsFname = ClientFname.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsLname = ClientLname.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsDayofbirth = ClientDay.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsMonthofbirth = ClientMonth.labelDisplay.text; 
                      ClientData.ClientsYearofbirth = ClientYear.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsCountryCodes = comboBoxClientCountry.selectedItem.CountryCodes; 
                      ClientData.ClientsTown = ClientTown.text; 
                      ClientData.ClientsGender = ClientGender.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsAviator = ClientAviator.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsDescription = ClientDescrip.text;
                      trace("Add client data " + ClientData.ClientFname + " " + ClientData.ClientTown + " " + ClientData.ClientDayofbirth + " " + ClientData.ClientCountryCodes);


      And is the test data important! as i had to fiddle with it for ages to get it to work




      comments:"work you barstead"


      Hope you dont mind having a little think for me and just put me back on the right track please