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    CS4: Exported JPG Scales 90% on Print

    TheTSArt Level 1

      One company I work with needs JPGs for printing, been doing this for years without problem. 


      One JPG however appears correct on screen but prints at 90% scaling.  Their printing software has no ability for the user to scale the item, only print 1 up, 2 up, etc. 


      I went back and checked the JPG on my Mac and a friend's.  On both machines the print dialog comes up set at 90% scaling. 


      I've never seen this behavior before and I never once tried to print the document locally at any size other than 100%.


      I was unaware that this type of value could be carried in a JPG file, but it obviously is.  Is there a way to strip it out or prevent InDesign from including it?