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    trouble with strokes around table

    Bubby Bella

      I have a long  table running over several pages. The table has 4 columns in it and mutitple rows. The borders are all invisible. There are a couple of rows I want to put a black border on. This seems a little silly--but I am having trouble with what should be a very straightforward thing. I want the border to be around the whole row but not split up the individual cells in the row. (There are 4 cells in each row created by the columns.) I hi-lite the row and right click. I choose "cell options" from the menu and then "strokes and fills". I pick .75 and black for the color. Then using the mouse I click on all 4 sides of the cell that is shown but not on the divider in the middle. All the same, when I exit the dialogue box the dividers between the cells are always showing black. This seems a little silly-I am sure there is something basic that I am missing here but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. (Merging the cells to produce one long cell is not an option I need them to stay separate.)

      Any advice would be appreciated.

      Thank you.