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    Issue playing scenes in test movie animations stop playing


      I'm fairly new to adobe flash so I hope I use the right terms when asking this question.  I am using AS2 in CS5.5.
      I am creating a project for a class that introduced me to adobe flash.  The issue is I have gotten to a certain point about 15 scenes. 
      During say the 15th scene scrolling through the timeline animations works fine, playing it on test scene works fine.  When I go to play it on test movie it stops at a certain point. 
      At first I thought it might have been a misplaced stop action but there is none to be found.  The weird part is every other scene I create after that
      continues to freeze as well, the images are there, but the animations won't play.  All my previous animations play before those with the issue, it's just
      These new ones won't play for some reason in test movie, but work completely fine in test scene and the timeline.  Can anyone help me figure this out please?