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    Flex Webservice Sometimes  pop up "Couldn't find XXX method".


      Flex 4 invoke webservice to follow the same way in adobe flex document as below.


      private var ws:WebService;

              public function useWebService(intArg:int, strArg:String):void {

                  ws = new WebService();


                  ws.echoArgs.addEventListener("result", echoResultHandler);

                  ws.addEventListener("fault", faultHandler);


                  ws.echoArgs(intArg, strArg);



      But sometimes pop-up "Couldn't find XXX method" error message,  It's not often, but appears randomly.

      and close the IE, and invoke this method, it works fine.

      sometimes invoke one method in this service is ok, but invoke another method in this service, pop-up this error message "Couldn't find XXX method" .




      1. this webservice is  a bit more large (wsdl is about 100k line).

      2. flex client is on windows2008 server, and this webservice is on another linux server.


      Could anyone help me on this?  Thanks in advance.