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    Shockwave/HTML settings


      Forgive me if this questions has been asked before but I am new to Director and desperatly trying to get my website uploaded.  I built the site in Director 11 and shocked it so I could put it up online. The qustion is this.


      I built the file on a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 but want it to play back on all screen resolutions. I realize not everyone is on a big screen LCD display or a wide screen display. Is there a lingo script that wil perform the fit or is there an xtra that will handle this. Can someone shed some light on how to achieve this.  The site is ready to be uploaded but when I upload it the whole site doesnt fit in the browser. Half of it is out of site.


      Thank you for your help in advance.



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Look at the options in the Publish Settings dialog under the Html tab where there is a 'Template' dropdown - you probably want "Fill Browser Window"

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            joevos Level 1

            Hi Sean, Thanks for the reply, I have tried all setting in the HTML 

            publish setting and nothing seems to be working. Im thinking there 

            must be a lingo script or an extra that would make it work. I built it 

            on 1024 X 768 and am publishing it to center in browser window. That 

            works for now, but would like it to fit the different resolutions as 

            needed.   Trying to resolve a shockwave issue now. I have a few people

            that say they cant get past the "missing plugin" screen and they state 

            that they have installed the plugin. I have tested this on 6 different 

            configurations, mac & pc and it works on all my machines. Shockwave is 

            killing me, lol