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    Weird playback


      I know there are a lot of playback problems questions on forums but mine is different.


      Premiere is very fast on my system, it can playback smoothly even 3 videos simultaneously.


      I get dropped frames or repeated frames - but it's definitely not a lack of processing power because it does the same with rendered previews, with different codecs, low resolution or high resolution, long videos or very very short ones, and the system feels fast and smooth - except this problem.

      For example on the current project, I hit playback from the beginning and at a certain point in the timeline it looks like 1 or more frames were skipped. Each time I hit playback from the beginning it skips at the same point. I tried to render previews. Same results - it skips on the same point.

      If I playback from a different point in time, it doesn't skip, or skips on a different point in timeline. So the video is not broken. And as I said it does this on different videos.


      EDIT    : I just tested with Software Mercury and it does the same. That should rule out the video card.

      EDIT 2 : I watched the playhead and while playing it actually snaps back a few frames once in a while. The playhead from the timeline. I also tried the Aero skin and the classic skin without Theme support. Didn't make a difference.


      Anyone has this problem ?


      The second problem would be : Transparent titles superimposed on video look different (worse) with GPU hardware Mercury. They are less transparent and less white. Maximum Bit Depth and Maximum Render Quality makes no difference.

      Is this normal ? The only solution would be to switch to Software render at the final export ?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Not sure on the playback thing.


          The titles thing is normal (in that we all experience the same thing).

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            IIRC, there was an issue with a particular codec doing that playback thing, but I forget now what codec it was... Please post all your system specs and project specs and that will help us diagnose your problem better... We need to see ALL the specs on your computer (processor, memory, video card, hard drive configuration, operating system version, etc.) and ALL the specs on your project (source file codec and orginating camera if available, timeline settings, etc...)

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              sebastian___ Level 1

              Computer - i7 930 - Corsair 12 GB ram, geforce GTX 460 2048 MB ram,  windows 7 64 - relatively fresh. I don't remember to have installed any kind of codec.

              I have 2 drives in Raid, but I didn't use them for this project. I'm 99.999 % sure it would behave the same.

              Since the current project was small resolution I used a regular drive.


              The current project was with Lagarith movies with small resolution : 896 by 448. Duration of the movies - only 10 seconds.


              The previous project was with pretty long movies, at least a few minutes - standard HD MOV files from Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


              All projects were with 25.000 FPS


              If you think it would help I could record maybe the desktop to show the weird movement of the playhead.

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                sebastian___ Level 1

                I have some new info. The playback error occurs even with no video on the timeline, but with a blank video or a subtitle.

                And occurs symmetrically once at every x frames. Next time I'm on that computer I will record a video and I will try to count the frames interval between the error.



                What can it be ? Am I the only one with this ? It's a subtle error, perhaps others have it and they don't notice it ? Still it's impossible to miss it if you edit a video.

                The exports are fine though.

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                  sebastian___ Level 1

                  The problem is solved. It fixed by itself. I tested with several projects. I was just preparing to record a small video to showcase the problem.

                  I wish I know how so I can repeat the procedure if the need arises. I didn't do anything special, more than that the computer was off most of the time and without internet access.



                  I however stopped some more services and some of the tons of default scheduled tasks in windows 7 in an attempt to make the windows 7 "lighter". I didn't do that for fixing Premiere but perhaps that helped anyway.

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                    Seems to me your PC is:


                    • Low on RAM (8 Gigs will suffice)
                    • OR
                    • Has an ATI card (my experience with NLE's and ATI's will never let me buy an ATI card for these tasks)


                    Don't see any other reasons for these problems.

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                      sebastian___ Level 1

                      I have an Nvidia card and 12 GB ram.


                      But I managed to find the problem. The EPU-6 Engine is a tool which came with the mainboard. Here is a picture

                      http://benchmarkreviews.com/images/reviews/motherboards/ASUS_P6T_Deluxe/P6T_EPU-6-Engine.j pg


                      it has 4 presets which can downclock and slightly overclock. I used this without any problems with different programs but it seems that the playhead is strangely connected with the CPU speed. So if you raise the speed even with 3 percent which is nothing for a i7 - the playhead will keep skipping backwards. If you downclock the frequency the playhead will skip forward. Very strange and I think I'm lucky I discovered that.


                      However as far as I know the new computers are designed to be power efficient so they constantly change the CPU frequency. So I'm puzzled more people didn't report these problems.

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                        vovando Level 1

                        I see. Well, you could try increasing CPU voltage slightly to make your system more stable if you still need it to be overclocked.


                        But seems like "slightly overclock" in your case turned into "really overclock and auto voltage setting failed".


                        Good to know, cheers.

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                          sebastian___ Level 1

                          No. If you are trying to say that the whole case is just an overclock gone wrong, no. Because there is a direct reproducible effect between the frequency and the playhead.

                          Down-clocking results in a reverse effect. The playhead will actually skip forward and increasing the speed will make the playhead skip backward.

                          Even very small values.

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                            vovando Level 1

                            I see... So jumps in CPU frequency affect the playhead in AP. Noted.

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                              Hi. I had a same issue. It was very distracting to have some twitch every few seconds during playback (even on empty timeline). Well spotted Sebastian and thanks for help.

                              So, if you still want to use EPU-6 software (ASUS motherboards) and have a smooth playback in PPro, stick with High Performance setting. If you choose higher overclock setting, your playhead will go 2 frames back approximately every 5 seconds. If you choose lower cpu setting playhead will go forward.