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    InDesign page dimensions questions


      I am doing a layout work at uni and chose this magazine. I found the measurements online of the page dimensions stating: Bleed: 184x262mm Trim: 176x256mm         Live: 158x237mm

      Which is what?

      Which is the actual size of the magazine when not being in the magazine (before they bind the magazine together)?

      When the layout people at this magazine makes the magazine in the layout program (Indesign och Quark Express I am guessing) what size do they fill in? The bleed size or the trim size?


      Also what should the margins be judging by the info above? Is there a way to calculate out the margins (such as gutter and tail)?


      Many thanks for help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You should use the tim dimension as the page size in the Document Setup dialog, then add a bleed allowance in the bleed fields. It looks to me as if the bleed in this case is asymmetrical -- 4 mm inside and outside, and 3mm top and bottom (which I calculated by subtracting the trim dimension from the bleed dimension and dividing by two). You can do the same calulation to determine the margins by subtracting the live are dimension from the trim.


          Note that this makes the presumption that the page is centered inthe bleed and the live area is centered in the page, but there is not enough information to allow you to make any other assumption.

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Trim: 176x256mm    

            This is the actual size


            File>New Document - input dimensions


            Live Area


            = 176 - 158 = 18mm (that means it needs 9mm Top and 9mm Bottom)


            = 256 - 237 = 19mm (that means it needs 9.5mm left and 9.5mm right)


            This is the area that you cannot have any TEXT outside. If text falls outside this area it may be trimmed off at finishing (highly unusual and these are massive live text areas here.)


            It's ok for Images to go beyond this area - only if it's bleeding off the page.



            In the area input 4mm as 184 - 176 = 8mm and you need it for both sides so 8/2 = 4mm each side.


            The bleed dimensions don't make sense as the top and bottom bleed works out at 3mm? I'd set it to 4mm all around just in case. This can be changed later.


            Denoted by a Red margin around each page when you are View>Screen Mode>Bleed (or Normal)


            Bleed is hidden when you choose Preview here or Presentation.




            Document size = 176 x 256

            Margins = Minimum of 9mm top and bottom and 9.5 mm left and right

            Bleed = 4mm (although It hink they meant 3mm)

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I may have got my left and right and top and bottom mixed up.


              One day I will learn the difference.