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      I have a metadata like this


      metadataFieldsForPhotos = {



                                    id = 'competId',

                                    title="Competion ID",

                                    dataType = 'string',




                                    id = 'clubName',

                                    title = "Club Name",

                                    dataType = 'string', -- Specifies the data type for this field.

                                    searchable = true,

                                    browsable = true,

                                    version = 2,



      Now, I can't find how to  make multiple entries for the same data on one image.


      Any help?




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          areohbee Level 6

          Paula said: "make multiple entries for the same data on one image".


          I don't know what you mean - could you clarify please?




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            DawMatt Level 3



            I'm assuming Paula wants to store 1 or more string values in this field. So

            in this case she wants to store 1 or more clubNames in the same field.

            Paula, is this correct? In that case I think the type should be an array of

            strings, rather than string.


            I haven't actually setup custom metadata myself so I'm not sure if this is

            possible.  Though there are multiple IPTC Extension metadata fields that

            seem to use the functionality Paula is looking for so it seems it should be.


            Thanks, Matt

            (Apologies for the brevity - sent from my Android)

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              areohbee Level 6

              I think only simple types are supported, and all are treated as strings from a user point of view.


              i.e. you can store a number in an untyped field, but then a search for "0" (always treated as a string) won't find a '0' (number) - nothing will, its unfindable.


              So, I have restricted all user-exposed metadata to string types for now - one of my biggest pet peeves in the SDK.


              Anyway, I think you have to define a delimiter, then parse string for multiple values.


              Or, do something really hokey and allow user to add fields, then rewrite the metadata provider module and reload the plugin.


              Reminder: Ctrl-J or Option-Return will create a new-line in a metadata field if you want each entry on a separate line.