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    Using and activating Premiere 5.0 with new Laptop?

    Soshman Level 1



      I just got a new laptop and wondered if it will WORK with the mercury playback engine?

      My research shows it is not supported...but it looks like i might be able to add it.

      If i can do this could someone please point me in the direction of the best way to hack it.


      Here is the laptop:


      http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1219120&CatId=4 935


      • Intel Core i7-2670QM (2.2GHz) Processor
      • 12GB DDR3 Memory i added 4 more GB to 16gb
      • 17.3" HD (1600 x 900) Display
      • 500GB 7200 RPM
      • Nvidia GTX 560M 3G GDDR5 Graphics
      • Blu-ray-enabled DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
      • 802.11BGN and Bluetooth 3.0 Connectivity
      • 8 Cell Battery
      • 2.0M Pixel Webcam



      Any help is well appreciated


      Thank You!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First remove the BR player and exchange it with a second 7200 RPM disk. Then add at least 1 but preferably 2 external 7200 eSATA disks. Once that is done you can open the file:


          C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS5\cuda_supported_cards.txt


          and add a line of text like this:  "GeForce GTX 560M" without the quotes and restart PR.

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            Soshman Level 1

            Hey Harm!


            Thanks for this answer


            Sounds like you are saying i am going to have a bottleneck in the Hard Drives and that is more of a concern than the MPE?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              First of all I like laptops, because of their compact dimensions and portability, but they are always a compromise in comparison to a dedicated NLE desktop. For the same amount of $$$ you get a slower CPU, less memory, smaller screen real estate, limited disk options and for editing you still need that wall outlet. Further, laptops are very limited in its upgrade path and options in comparison to desktops. But, whichever way you turn it, the very fastest (and costly) laptop is still 7 - 10 times slower than a fast desktop, so for peoplle that edit with a laptop, portability must be really important to make all those concessions.


              Why will the single disk be a huge bottleneck?


              SATA connections are half duplex, which means it can only read at one time and write at another time. That implies waiting for one action to finish, for instance reading, before writing can take place. During editing there is a lot of reading and writing going on, source material, media cache, previews, encoded material while at the same time the OS needs to do reading and writing for the file system, housekeeping, system logs, and possibly pagefile, so that single disk is extremely busy. Compare it to a six lane highway that is reduced to a single lane at some point, but has to accomodate all the cars that would normally use 6 lanes. Huge traffic jams are the result. Same with only a single disk.


              Absolute minimum for editing is at least 2 physical 7200 RPM SATA disks, but your efficiency and editing speed improves with more disks, so in practice, especially on a laptop that is already much slower than a desktop, you want to have 3 or 4 (e)SATA disks for comfortable editing. That also shows a further limitation of laptops, you can no longer use it on batteries, because the external disks need a wall outlet as well.


              See Video performance by Todd Kopriva

              and optimizing for performance: Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

              and Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup

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                JEShort01 Level 4



                Hopefully, your CS5 is now recognizing your GTX 560M.


                Regarding your new laptop, the G74 is a beast, and tweaked to the max and using the USB 3 port it should be able to run up to about 2 to 4 times as fast as the fastest desktops (as per Harm and Bill's ppbm5.com benchmark site).


                CS5 really does beg for a balance of performance including CPU, GPU, RAM and drives. Your laptop already has the first 3 covered, so improving your drives is all that is required if you want some pretty strong video editing performance. Options include:


                Buying a 2nd drive mount cage (eBay about $25) to add a 2nd internal 7200 rpm 2.5" hard drive.


                Using an optical drive bay drive holder (also about $25), you can add a 3rd drive.


                I'm pretty sure the G74 also supports RAID 0 configuration which is nice for editing some of the more difficult CODECs.


                Adding a USB 3 external drive, while less reliable vs. directly connected drives, can provide a very fast extra drive or RAID array for CS5's media cache and render exports.



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                  Soshman Level 1

                  Hello Harm and JE Short01,


                  Thanks so much for the answers and time you both put into them.

                  This is my favorite forum as i feel like i am part of a team that is

                  constantly doing their best to improve it for everyone.


                  I spent about 5-6 K on a desktop machine last year and am very happry with it as my main editing machine..it flies!

                  I have many of the things suggested on the main PC.


                  A few weeks ago i was in Cabo, Mexico on a 17 day shoot. It was a seminar and i had 2 big camers and a smaller camera.

                  While there my 3 year old 17inch Gateway FX laptops screen started to go. It was flickering and turning red on one side.

                  I was praying that it kept working so i could at least keep downloading the days 170 to 220 GB's worth of data...yes everyday!

                  ( as an aside...it was the first time i used my esata port on the laptop with a esata docking station....what a difference!...it downloaded to the external in half the time)


                  Anyways....it made it home for a few days and started flickering bad between black screen and  "normal" and finally went.

                  So i took out the hard drive that had some of the video from the shoot plus some fantastic footage from atop the highest point around Cabo

                  and put the internal laptop HDD in the docking station and backed it up using WD SmartWare to my back up 2tb WD "my book"

                  Got up the next morning and my Laptop Scorpio black 500gb HDD was now RAW instead of NTFS...all data was now not reachable.

                  After 2 days of using data and partition recovery software ( got about 225MB off after 2 days)...i called WD....they immediately blamed it

                  on the docking station. I told them i buy 50 WD HArd drives a year from them and have been using their hard drives n it for a year with no issue.

                  Then he said i should have never used a internal drive with Smartware.....then i tld him we had been buying The Black WD internal 2TB drives and using them because they were faster for downloading and editing.

                  Then he said i should have never used the Laptop internal.....i asked why the software allowed me to set it up....he had no answer and promised he would have his supervisor call me within

                  24 hours...that was 4-5 days ago.

                  So now i have some people in San Fransisco looking at the data to see if they can get it off. I am afraid f what it might cost. I think it will end up being a loss.


                  So i stuck another Hard drive in the Gateway FX and paid the 199.00 and sent the gateway to Temple, Texas to get the FX fixed. ( last gateway i sent to Temple, Texas came back almost brand new

                  and they fixed so many things not on the order and relaced work keys etc.  ...waiting to see if i get the same service again.)


                  So a long way around to the main reason for the new Laptop...I need a laptop to mainly transfer data ( this new one doesnt have esata but does have USB 3 ) fast and some on the road editing of maybe on or two tracks...nothing fancy in Adobe CS 5.0.  I had Vegas 10 on the older Gateway and that worked pretty good for what i needed to do on the road but i am so used to Adobe now for editing that i prefer it.


                  As far as the new machine...it is not perfect. I have been on the phone with ASUS 3-4 times over some issues. The touchpad jumps around erratically sometimes. I checked for updated drivers and found that there are others complaining about it. ASUS recommended that i bring my computer back to factory settings...this is after i told them i had spent 2-3 days installing all my software.

                  Also i love the backlighting of the keyboards...and that went on the fritz...we tried to install the new driver ( yes this laptop was delivered with some old drivers ) and it wouldnt work...even in safe mode...so again the told me to restore it to factory settings...and that might...might work.

                  The computer also go slower than my 6 year old laptop after installing all my software. They told me i could go to Tiger Direct ask for my money back ...which i did and now have 14 days to return it if i want.

                  So seeing as i had nothing to lose at this point i defragged with 2 differnt softwares and it actually made it even slower.

                  Then i looked up the best utility because at first it was ready in 30 seconds at start up and now it was taking 4 minutes.


                  So i ran 360Amigo and crap cleaner first.   The machine became  very fast again and the computer backlights are now working again and the finger mouse seems to be ok.


                  Now i am thinking about keeping it as nothing comes close for the price. I spent 3 hours last night looking for something comperable ...nothing for close to the same price.


                  Any advice?


                  Sorry for the data dump and i sure hope someone gets something from my mistakes and learnings in this process


                  Thanks again!



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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    The G74 does support two internal disk drives plus a BD/DVD drive.  You should also upgrade the memory to 16 GB it is very simple to do.