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    After Effects CS4 Sniffer_gpu is not working


      After Effects was working fine a few minutes ago and then the next time I started it up it suddenly gave me this message that sniffer_gpu had stopped working. After that, it said something like "After Effects can't continue:sorry. After Effects have crashed". I've been searching all over the internet only to see that no one was able to solve my problem! During the time where it last worked and the time where it began to NOT work, I did not install any weird software or close down anything - I was simply trying to open a project file.


      After Effects did not work even after I've ran a deep care scan on Advanced SystemCare Beta. And I have no idea how to access the "product details" of my computer to give further information. Please help me, guys! I need an answer ASAP!! I'm a book trailer maker and I need After Effects working! I have a deadline I need to meet! >.<