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    Body could not be parsed as validXML/AMF/JSON

    whitefinger Level 1

      I have search the net and am un able to resolve this issue


      Due to my weak programing skills i do panic and wonder perhaps im just doing it wrong obviously lol


      Just wondered if anyone could give me some insight to work out my issue!


      i have a Flash Builder 4.5 web site connecting with AMF to MySql database

      I can querry the database as well as delete, update, search and i have even got pagination working!


      But when i comes to inserting a row of data i get the above error message


      Now every thing works even when i test the php script in flash builder Test Operation 


      So i just need someone to tell me can i send an ValueObject to Mysql or do i need to convert it into something else?

      As im sending it as the object but its only inserting the first 2 values and the other 8 are missing and i get the above error in Network Monitor




      import valueObjects.VOClients;
                  protected function addNewUser():void
                      var ClientData:VOClients = new VOClients();
                      ClientData.ClientsFname = ClientFname.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsLname = ClientLname.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsDayofbirth = ClientDay.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsMonthofbirth = ClientMonth.labelDisplay.text; 
                      ClientData.ClientsYearofbirth = ClientYear.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsCountryCodes = comboBoxClientCountry.selectedItem.CountryCodes; 
                      ClientData.ClientsTown = ClientTown.text; 
                      ClientData.ClientsGender = ClientGender.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsAviator = ClientAviator.labelDisplay.text;
                      ClientData.ClientsDescription = ClientDescrip.text;
                      trace(Add client data  + ClientData.ClientFname +   + ClientData.ClientTown +   + ClientData.ClientDayofbirth +   + ClientData.ClientCountryCodes);

      Many thanks for any advise