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    Silent print in AIR application




         I am struggling with the problem 2 days now. I created a touch screen app and as the final step, app should print a confirmation for user. Because it is standalon point-of-sale, I don't want any confirmation dialogs etc outside of my application. I have created a PDF file with FxPDF library from Tour de Flex. However, it cannot be printed using PrintJob. So I save the file and then use NativeProcess to call AcroRd32.exe with params to silently print it. The problem is, I cannot install Reader in folder of my choice and I don't want to update application each time new Reader is published. Second thing is, Reader window does not close after print, and I will finish with hundreds of open windows in the background after some time.


        My question is, is it possible to do silent printing in AIR in other ways? It does not have to be PDF, perhaps I could prepare layout of text to print another way. I really appreciate any tip, I've digged up internet for several hours, and haven't found any suitable answer.