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    InDesign cs5.5 DPS: Various issues


      I am currently attempting to re-design a print publication for the ipad from scratch and with no previous DPS experience.


      Most of what I have been creating is fairly self explanatory and hasn't caused too many problems but I am having a few issues:


      1) Is it the case that I can't use InDesign animations as they use flash? Is there a way around this?


      2) Can I embed buttons in different object states? (also is there a way to 'paste in place' other objects into object states? I am finding it really fiddly trying to edit object states).


      3) I have on occasion tried to have buttons with multiple actions (eg 'go to state' and 'show/hide buttons'). When I test the button only the first action ever works. What am I doing wrong?


      Thanks in advance for any tips anyone might have.