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    Print A3 page as 2x A4 pages - How do I do this?

    David Pound Level 1



      I have a PDF document laid out as 2x A4 pages side-by-side on A3 - as it would be for a A3 size print to be folded into two. This is supplied from a website and I need to print it as A4 on my A4 printer to get good sized pages. (it is an application form). I am using Adobe Reader 9.4.6 / Windows 7 / Word 2007.


      Does anyone have a solution to this?


      The best I can do so far is to take multiple (ie, half page) screen snips and paste them together using Word to create a document close to the original - VERY messy and not too good on quality either!


      Any ideas would be very well received.


      Thanks, David