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    Additional EPUB Metadata

    PixelGirl Level 1

      I am publishing an children's ebook in InDesign CS5.5. I have found the place to put some of the metadata in File>File Info. I have added the Author's name there, so far so good.


      How can I add the name of the Illustrator? This dialog box doesn't have the option to add other contributors.


      I found the IDPF.org which has excellent information but also brings up more questions.


      1. I see that in the 2.0 spec, I can add into content.opf the following: <dc:contributor opf:role="ill">Jane Doe</dc:contributor>

      2. Where is that information finally displayed? ADE does not show it that I can see.

      3. I also now see there is a new IPF spec 3.0. Which version does IDCS5.5 output? Which is best, and is there a way to specify which version?