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    File shortcut causes install request?

    terradon Level 1

      I'm running CS4 on Win7 64 bit and have been for over a year with no problems.

      This new weirdness just started. Png files are associated with Fireworks CS4. Now when trying to open the file by double clicking or right clicking on the file to open with fireworks. I get the following two popup errors, with the "Please install..." box covering the other. I checked the association and it was pointing to the correct fireworks.exe in the correct location. If I start FW first and open the file through FW, it opens fine. Has anyone else seen this?




      More details:

      I'm running Win7 64bit.

      I've reinstalled the FireworksCS4 module, but not the entire CS4

      I've deleted Fireworks as the default program for .png and then added it.

      If I click on a .png from within Dreamweaver CS4, Firefox opens and displays the image.


      There are some things that I prefer to do in Fireworks, but this could be a shove to abandon a ship that is a rusting hulk of its former self.