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    Question about text animation


      Please keep in mind I'm still sort of new to After Effects.


      What I am trying to do is use text decoder animation to change from one text to another type of text. I am going from a text that is symbols into english but I'd like it to cycle through the decoder style animation. I've tried just some misc approaches to creating it, but nothing seems to look right or have the effect I want. One thing to note, if it matters at all, is that the two texts are so different that overlapping them and using a fade out/decode style doesn't really give the right look to it.


      It would start out looking something like this:

      Something that you couldnt really read

      but after it decoded you could


             into this

      Something that you couldnt really read

      but after it decoded you could


      I assume there is a way to do this, and I am guessing that I am simply overlooking it. But any help or direction would be wonderful.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 7

          Your task will be a lot easier if you stick to a single typeface.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Not sure what you mean. I think you want to go from something like this:






            my readable text


            If that's right all you have to do is type the words you want in the text layer and apply the decoder preset. You then select the text layer, press the U key twice to reveal the keyframes and edited parameters. You shold see a range selector with keyframes. Use this to adjust the timing of the effect. You should also see an Advanced category with Based On Characters selected. You can change this to words or to lines. The last two options visible should be Character Offset, which controls how far you want to offset the characters, and Opacity, which controls the opacity of the text. You can adjust any of these settings to get the effect you need.


            Personally, I think this effect looks best when the individual characters decode in. Choosing Words or Lines will give you more options.


            If you want to go from symbols to text by using different fonts you'll have to use two layers of type and transition between them with an opacity change. You can't change fonts in the middle of a text layer.