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    Pro color profile (i1xtreme) vs broadcast ref monitor

    Glitchdog Level 1

      OK, I've had the privilege of working in production long enough that I know the importance of using a properly setup broadcast ref monitor, but is there a better way today for those of us doing web only delivery? In what little I've googled I'm guessing there is not, but here are my thoughts.


      We've just switched to the Production Premium suite of software and I'm wondering if using our photojournalists i1xtreme monitor calibration system if I can get a decent setup on a DVI/mini display port connected monitor. He's pretty sure he can hit the REC709 spec, but then not sure how I would do the other adjustments. I understand that the max I could get is 8bit. We had considered the MXO2, but now I read on the Matrox site that there is a lag from computer to MXO2 monitor that their engineers are trying to figure out. Seems like I read somewhere that AJA is having some problems with some codecs also lagging from computer to ref monitor.


      MacPro 5,1, dual quad-core Xeon, 12gb mem, 2 Dell 2407WFP monitors, editing HDV, but switching to H.264 via Panasonic AVCCAM camcorder (want to edit natively)

      We do have an old Sony CRT SD broadcast monitor & LHe that was pulled from the Mac due to unresolved crashing issues editing HDV natively in FCP7.