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    "The project appears to be damaged.  It cannot be opened."

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      This is what I see when I try to open two ongoing projects.  I tried importing the old project into a new project.  Some times, that works, but on others, I get the same message, except with "opened" replaced by "imported."


      Is there way to fix damaged projects?  Perhaps in a text editor?  Is there a service that can fix them for me?


      Even my auto-saved projects are damaged (from Friday, but not Wednesday)


      This can cost me a client.  I need to open these projects now.


      Mac 10.6.8; Pr CS5.5.  They won't open on my MacPro3,1 or on my MBP. 


      I reinstalled PrCS5.5 on the MP.  I ran Disk Warror, Repaired Permissions, trashed preferences, cleaned Caches.