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    Uninstalled IE with flash player, installed firefox and added flash player - doesn't work!


      Hey guys,


      I have just used Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove IE 9 (I think ... it's the standard built in IE taht comes with my Win7 Home Premium 64 bit OS).  I had flash player installed in IE.  Upon uninstalling all flash components from my computer using Revo, I did an "advanced" search to find all leftover registry entries and files/folders associated with Flash.  While doing this, Revo had warned me of some files that "have recently been added" (I believe since initial installation of Flash), and gave me the option of deleting these one at a time.  I cannot remember what these files included, but looking at a posting from another person, i seem to recognize some files that I *may* have deleted while removing with Revo:











      (again, I have no idea if ANY of the above were the actual ones I deleted, but I seem to remember seeing a couple of these at least listed to me as options to delete)


      I proceeded to remove ALL files from my computer.


      Then, upon installing Firefox and, subsequently installing flash on it, I noticed that some flash websites load and work properly, whereas other ones don't.  I also been to the adobe confirmation page stating taht I have successfully installed and am running Adobe Flash player.  Is this simply a case of missing one key component in flash?


      Before the entire uninstall mission I did, I remember revo as listing more than 1 Flash programs installed.  I believe I had seen two flash 11 programs installed in Revo, which I thought were just simply duplicate installations.  I vaguely remember one of them being listed as Flash player 11 and the other as Flash player 11 activex?  (both were removed off my system).


      Are these files different and did I, in fact, need both of these installed?


      Anyway, I have no idea where to go from here.  Help please!