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    cropped preview window


      If I'm editing a standard definition DV project and import HD video clips, which are scaled to fit, if I open the HD clips from the sequence, they are cropped to the part of the clip that fits into a 720x480 window. It cuts off anything left/right, top/bottom and the larger an HD clip is, the more the sides/top is cropped off. If I am trying to trim an HD clip that's already on the timeline, this problem makes it almost impossible to work with the clip you are trimming. It also sends this cropped version of the video to any external monitor, either DV out or Blackmagic Shuttle outputs. Premiere CS4 didn't do this and I've tried every setting I can think of. If I open HD clips from the project, I can see the entire frame.    Any ideas?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You can trim clips right in the sequence.  You'll see the outgoing and incoming frames in the Program Monitor as you do.

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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            If you like having the HD stuff at full resolution in your SD window, then just follow Jim's direction above and you'll see your trimmed media in the program monitor as you work. However, it may still be cropped there, I'm not sure. If, however, you want to get the HD footage to fit the SD timeline, right click on the clips in the bin (you can multi-select clips for this, too) and choose "Scale to Frame Size" and your clip will automatically be scaled to fit your timeline, allowing you to see the whole thing. If you then want to go back, just right click and uncheck that command.

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              VideoGuyOKC Level 1

              I like to shoot HD and then have the option to re-frame as needed, so simply scaling to the DV sequence size doesn't work for me. Trimming the clips on the sequence does not offer the ability to play the clip from in to out, like I can do with the clip in the Preview Monitor, plus scrubbing the audio at the in/out points is dependent on what else is on the timeline.