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    Where did my pixels go?

    drjackr2003 Level 1

      Greetings from Bangalore,


      I took some photos during a trip a few years ago.  I downloaded them to my computer.  I opened them to view, and they were fine.  Some time later, my computer got infected.  Went through a lot of trouble to get rid of the infection, and get my computer working normally again.


      Then I noticed a problem with the photos from my trip.  It seems that they were robbed of their pixels!  The thumbnails look normal, but when I open a photo, it appears as though at least half of the pixels have disappeared.  I still recognize the images, but they are blurry, and the pixels are visable.  None of my other photos were affected, only the ones from my trip. 


      I have three questions:


      1)  Is there a way to improve the defination of the photos, so that when I open them, they are in their original state, or as close as possible?  I searched and found some programs that purport to increase the number of pixels through different algorythms, but some comments on photo blogs said that those programs, which are expensive, are not significantly better than what Photoshop offers for enlarging.


      2)  I am a new Photoshop user.  Is there a way to increase the number of pixels in a given space on a photo?


      3)  Has this problem happened to others?  It seems strange, especially since none of my other photos were affected.


      Thanks for any help

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